Nice carnival

It’s already one week passed in February, can you believe that. Feels like time lapse is exponential. Don’t know how to summarize my January, let’s say it was getting bundle loads of work done and successful discipline in my workout. The year still smells fresh, which means I’m enjoying every tad bit of it.

Over the last weekend, marido and I visited Nice.


Flying to Nice, once my home

An entry into French world all again.

As we walked the promenade,

Azur sea, Sunshine and a mild breeze welcomed us.

I think of my days in this city

And he’s lost in the memories of Mumbai drive.

The birds fly around with wings of freedom

Trying and testing the city’s best.

Crepe’s on the hill were amazing again

Ricotta epinard is so cheesy that caused enough disgust to us.

Some chit and chat with friends

Cupcakes at Emilie’s for a mouthful of sweet.

A modern art museum to see the artiste

Was as crazy as it can get.

An evening flight and we’ll be back to our English

Let’s say, home is where our heart is.

Vibrant sky


PC : Marido 😉

It isn’t about the destination

But, a new journey on every road

Sometimes you see green and sometimes it’s barren

Beyond the naked trees is a vibrant sky, it feels like an energy explode


Everyday I walk this path

I lean in my thoughts and bend the curves

Sometimes I hear the birds and sometimes my head is full of math

Now when I see this, I know, this sight every morning is what I deserve

deep Within – episode 12

Deep within, a voice awakens; to remind you the tenderness it nurtured

To search, find and unwrap a beautiful version of your strengths

In celebrating lives, you gather a bundle of energy

Flawing, learning and evolving, you unfold the days you’ve chosen

The noise slowly disappears; and it turns into a musical journey

Some notes high and a far few low!