Why do we let out a loud cry as we come into this world and have a peaceful silence as we go?

Do we know this life would be of conflicts and to go means we’ve resolved each one of them?

Why do we dream and why doesn’t every dream turn into reality?

Is it saving us from our dark dreams or is it depriving us of a bright one?

Why do we struggle to survive?

Are we looking for an absolute constant and can’t come to terms with the variable reality?

Why is it that what we want doesn’t happen?

Are we thinking too much and working too little? Or is it the other way around?

Why do we smile and others smile back?

Do we also cry when others do or have we even stopped smiling back?

Why can’t it all remain simple?

Does a complicate path define our victory? Does simple equals easy and not worthy?

Why do we have questions all the time?

Maybe we are in search of answers all the time.

Why ask the same question again and again?

Maybe we want these answers to fit in our present.

Why? Why? Why?

Maybe and just maybe, we want to become less wrong than we are.


Voice of a routine!

It’s 6am. My alarm rings, Mom has called twice and it’s time to get ready for the day’s noise.

I freshen up and gulp my milk to gear up for my day. Dad chases my cab in our honda activa like a superman and we manage to stop the cab that would have missed me otherwise. I get in to nap again while my cab crawls like a snake in the Bangalore traffic.

I reach office in a sleepy face. First things first. I splash some water with a pace and give my eyes a liner and tie up my hair.

I keep my bag and walk to the big window to watch the endless sky and the buildings in construction.

Hi! Hello! Morning! some wishes exchange with near and dear cubicle ones

I already hear some mouse clicks while I walk to the elevator which takes me down to the canteen where I stand in long queue to grab my pongal upma poha dose vade chutney and sambar. Sometimes a sandwich wins.

I look up for emails and get to my work with focus. Someone interrupts or a phone rings and grabs my attention. Sometimes I cut the conversation and many times the conversation wins.

A few hours pass by and I decide to take a break. I make some coffee and sit by the sofa in the common area. Before my mind drifts to the thoughts of my morning, the printer prints and vomits bundles of paper.

I get back to the meetings and we argue over our points of view before we can conclude or roll it over for another day. My stomach has already begun to churn the liquids and is demanding for food.

The food coupons make their way in exchange for our mid day meal. I stuff the food in and talk to my colleagues about robots, drones, movies, sport and anything under the stars.

Morning repeats post noon. However the heavy lunch leaves me with a sleep to battle. After a few hours, its time to grab my bag and run to my cab that takes me back home. Yes, you hear more vehicle sounds and a lot more snores. The balloon sellers are now selling car mats, wipes and shades.

I come home with almost no energy left for the sport I love. As I rest on the sofa with a small snack and a coffee, my mother is watching TV that’s showing all the woman villains in their drama. This runs for four hours every evening and she wouldn’t let me switch to news, sport or documentaries.

I take a brisk walk and hear the dogs bark from a road further down. Neighbour aunty stops me for a quick chat. I come home and pull out my dumb phone to browse, browse and browse more.

Its dinner time. I relish the delicious food and have a word with my dad who’s had a busy day too. The book in my hand is narrating stories and the sleep has begun to conquer me. My mother reminds about the next day’s wake up call before I retire to bed.

Another routine day is waiting to arrive. Until it does, let the silence pour in. Lights off.


Nice carnival

It’s already one week passed in February, can you believe that. Feels like time lapse is exponential. Don’t know how to summarize my January, let’s say it was getting bundle loads of work done and successful discipline in my workout. The year still smells fresh, which means I’m enjoying every tad bit of it.

Over the last weekend, marido and I visited Nice.


Flying to Nice, once my home

An entry into French world all again.

As we walked the promenade,

Azur sea, Sunshine and a mild breeze welcomed us.

I think of my days in this city

And he’s lost in the memories of Mumbai drive.

The birds fly around with wings of freedom

Trying and testing the city’s best.

Crepe’s on the hill were amazing again

Ricotta epinard is so cheesy that caused enough disgust to us.

Some chit and chat with friends

Cupcakes at Emilie’s for a mouthful of sweet.

A modern art museum to see the artiste

Was as crazy as it can get.

An evening flight and we’ll be back to our English

Let’s say, home is where our heart is.

Vibrant sky


PC : Marido 😉

It isn’t about the destination

But, a new journey on every road

Sometimes you see green and sometimes it’s barren

Beyond the naked trees is a vibrant sky, it feels like an energy explode


Everyday I walk this path

I lean in my thoughts and bend the curves

Sometimes I hear the birds and sometimes my head is full of math

Now when I see this, I know, this sight every morning is what I deserve

deep Within – episode 12

Deep within, a voice awakens; to remind you the tenderness it nurtured

To search, find and unwrap a beautiful version of your strengths

In celebrating lives, you gather a bundle of energy

Flawing, learning and evolving, you unfold the days you’ve chosen

The noise slowly disappears; and it turns into a musical journey

Some notes high and a far few low!