Fundamental issues – Food!

When we pull out annual statistics of the amount of food / agriculture produce we are wasting and the number of people dying out of hunger / malnutrition, it leaves me wondering why we aren’t able to plug one another. Despite our success in production, transportation and storage technologies, how is it that they haven’t turned affordable and deployable. Government policies, innovative business models and even corporate social responsibility have not been able to fix our fundamental issue, food. To live in an ideal world situation is an unrealistic ambition, but, to shrink the existing gap is an approachable goal, isn’t it? Where does it start?

Let us begin to understand, why do we produce more? Some produce like cereals and pulses can be stored for years when the supply can minimize due to natural conditions ex drought, extreme rain, etc. Why should we produce more fruits, vegetables and meat? They perish faster and managing their waste is another problem altogether. At the same time we have depleted our resources like the rich soil and water with excess farming and poultry. How could we bring a balance in demand and supply?

Now, why doesn’t the produce reach everyone? Aren’t they affordable or do they get wasted due to transport and storage issues? Or in the name of quality and assurance ex. length of a banana, color of a fruit etc, does a lot of produce get wasted at an industrial sector? Why can’t technology help in computing existing data of excess nutritious produce and help it reach children, women and adults who are suffering from malnutrition?

While some people who could afford a nutritious meal are turning to dieting, a nutritious meal is still far from reach for the below poverty line. Why?           


2 thoughts on “Fundamental issues – Food!

  1. Let me go down to more basic stuff. I believe that the human brain is a difference engine. That’s what we got from our animal heritage! Next we got ‘free will’ (or the illusion of it!) So now when you connect the dots, and derive to the perspectives of Rich/poor, good/evil, lazy/hardworking, Right/wrong… Guess that brings us to the engine of growth for humans!! Cruel but true! Maybe… just maybe… That’s what Asian kids need, news showing abject property and Hollywood movies with super cars!.. so he/she knows what they want in life!! If these differences are not nurtured, human growth is impeded.


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