Do you know to cook?

There are some questions that you can’t get away with, well, I’m talking about the ones post your wedding. The list still tops with ‘‘when are you giving us the special news?’. There is another which competes with this and it’s ‘Do you know to cook? And do you do it well?’. There are a hundred more that I could list without taking a break, but for now let’s focus on cooking. All those ladies who cook awful chunk of food for their family also join the gang and take the liberty to probe you. I could take all those sniper shots, after all ‘food’ is such a calm feeling, isn’t it? By the way all the wonderful ladies in my vessel of life, cook delicious food – mom, mom in law, sis, sis in law, aunts and friends.

Well, also I’m lucky to have a spouse who enjoys cooking. Marido’s recipes are instantaneous and could give a salsa on your palate. His best recipes are traditional ‘saaru anna’, lemon rice and dal. I prefer eating over cooking and I like to relish the food on my plate. Sometimes, I do engage on the other side of the coin and show off my spatula efforts. In the past few months I’m trying to cook food that I enjoy munching.

Mexican food is such a treat. I love guacamole, precisely for the avocado’s woody flavor added to an otherwise simple salad. We picked up the recipe from a relative of ours who’d made this salad for a get together. Since then you’ll find a pack of nachos in our drawers and it gets us to make this recipe often. A good balance of junk & healthy snack for our evenings when we watch episodes of Breaking Bad.

A cauliflower blossom is an invite to try an all time favorite, manchurian. Besides the litres of oil the batter drinks when frying, everything else is divine. The light crunch and the flavors gives a feeling that is indescribable. I tried two variants, a manchurian and a chilly 65. The manchurian was a huge hit and was highly appreciated 😉

Looking for a healthy south Indian meal? ‘ragi muddhe’ with ‘soppina saaru’ is a good choice. I spent an hour learning how to make this. My mum in law described the process over a call and I looked up for youtube videos and recipe blogs to get this right. It was an utter flop. There were lumps of flour and the portions were far too large for us to finish up. I’d need lots of courage to try this again.      

Lastly, when I read up articles on healthy food, I see the mention of soya a zillion times. Also, marido happens to pick up soya chunks from the grocery and I think why not try a soya kurma for rotis. I try a rich curry of soya chunks with tasteful masala and cashew paste to get along with mooli parathas. The kurma was by far one among the best side dishes I’ve made and next I start to work on the parathas. I grate the mooli and dust it with wheat flour. The aromas don’t match up. So, I take a test on the grated flakes and realise we got duped. It turned out to be white carrots, do such things even exist?
Okay ladies, bring it on, but, no more ‘cooking’ questions please…. 


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