Reasons beyond reasoning

Stories were printed by the press and a lot of talks were done on shows. I could hear his pain, he had lost his sister. It’s a loss that would take years to heal and probably the one which could never put back life together. I heard the news of her death this morning and ever since I’ve remained shocked and shaken. Everything seems so vulnerable.

It’s hard to imagine what the soul would have gone through to take such drastic steps. For many years he was her husband and in a moment he’d turned a killer. The unimaginable relationships turmoil would have created a wound in her, a wound that could never heal. It would have uprooted all her emotions. It would have her forget everyone else –  mother, daughter, brother, friend and possibly everyone. The situational blame and the shame would have reached such enormous heights that death posed as the only option.

Every year, many fall prey to taking their own lives for possibly no fault of theirs. Often people and situation are blamed. Investigations vast out and judgements are passed. Such emotional disconnect around that no one turns into understanding ‘why’. Probably we are a race of people who are raised in a box and have a culture that is shielded from emotional evolving. We encourage everyone to push boundaries, but in reality we are pulled into the known darkness. From childhood we are taught to win and no one helped us with handling failures.

The media has grown into a large industry and today they are masters in public shaming. Opinions that fit its TRP strategy would be broadcasted. Viewers watch such harassment shows for hours.

I hope, someday each of us will say ‘enough is enough’ and help humanity evolve. A culture where we care for choices and we nurture emotions. A culture where we encourage creativity and hold accountability.  A culture where we respect differences and we learn & grow.

To all the souls that took their own lives! Deeply saddened. RIP.


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