December is a month of an entire year’s reflection, making plans and writing down goals for the year to follow. I read many blogs and reviews on how to approach goals writing. I remained all the more confused on how to write mine – whether to keep it narrow and deeper or to keep broad and higher, whether to use time logger or to use checklist, whether to keep achievable goals so I could stay happy or to keep the one’s which push boundaries so I can aim high.

I liked Elizabeth Grace Saunders’s “Stop setting goals that you actually don’t care about”. Being a time coach she has wonderfully put how you should keep yourself a single focused goal and go about achieving it. It is to align between what you say is important to you and how you would invest your time in achieving it. I personally fetch too far, drafting many goals and end up achieving probably half of what I’d promise. I think the detractor has always been multitasking and focusing on not even one goal in greater depths.

I like the goals chart that has a focused goal for Personal, Relationship and Career. This way you will remain well rounded. You’d probably want to adjust the weightage on each of those baskets every year, which is a kind of report that hints on how you’ve responded to those goals the previous year.

We all live in the swamp of creating an impact. We could become too hard on ourselves and lose our basic rhythm. It’s good to hear our intrinsic echoes and alter goals in a timely manner. I mean everything is so agile these days, we’ve even moved our processes in organizations to fit the dynamism in the market. If you can get honest about why you’d alter your goals and why it would be better to ditch them, it’s perfectly fine to do so. Just be aware.


The more you search, the deeper it gets

You begin to reflect on your good and bad days

When you measure them all, that’s when it hits

You ain’t an achiever and there are many greys

You’d roll over the dice, then and there

Stop that urge to gamble your choice

Prepare to get better and aim higher

Give it a learning, weigh cons and pros

Do follow your passion, hear them through

They help you get a direction

It’s that part of the year where

You set goals and you make resolutions


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