Planet Earth II

Whole of last december, I kept eagerly waiting for Sundays to watch Planet Earth II on BBC. If one’s heard Mr. Attenborough’s narration you’ll know what I mean, it’s like magic whispers telling you a story. Each episode distinctly focused on species residing in mountains, jungles, grassland, desert and cities. I’d say every frame in the episodes remain worth watching. Jungles, is my favorite episode.

A mighty rat’s escape from an owl in a grassland is shot so wonderfully and such a well placed music in the background, was almost like a hero-villain encounter. A nude looking bird turning into a colorful dancer when he sees a potential mate, wah, I’ve never seen such a grace before. In the cities episode, a male bird collects plastic wires, wrappers and many junk to build his nest. He invades his neighbor and steals his toy, a heart looking stuffed toy. It’s so cute to see him jump around with this piece of charm. He falls for the girl who comes to see his nest and gives his toy as a mark of their love story. Only in sometime he’s left heartbroken – to realize the guest wasn’t a girl and also he lost his “heart toy”. After all its karma, what goes around comes around.  Another story was of the nail sized glass frog and how he tries to save his children from the hoppers and flyers. At the end of every episode, you’d have seen a series of struggle, learning and harmony repeat. It’s after all the very essence of living.  

There were some creepy ones too. Snakes crawling to capture the new born water iguana, a hungry cheetah hunting a reptile, an eagle fighting her peers to eat up a dead fox and billions of locusts destroying crops. I preferred to hide behind the sofas while these displayed on television in such high definition to make our experience feel almost real. The crew has done such an outstanding work in getting to the remote corners of our world and capturing the tiniest of detail.

It inspires us to get out to the real world and become friends with nature. It reminds us that we share our planet. It feeds our curiosity and quietens our ego. 

Highly recommended. Planet Earth II.


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