one day i will – episode 11

I saw a doodle “One day I will” and it got me to write this. It is a Women’s day campaign, however we all have this “one day I will..” moments right. I have uttered this so many times in these many years 🙂

First things first they say. I think I was playing with my sister in our garden. I might be a three-year-old then. I saw a colorful butterfly kissing the flowers and flying to glory. Mostly that was my first “One day I will”. One day I will learn to fly I said to myself. This imagination has always taught me to dream big and aim high.

I’ve never come across anyone in this world who never said “One day I will” become a teacher. A teacher has never failed to inspire us. In a way as we grow we all learn and teach, isn’t it?

For many years, every night I would go to my terrace to watch thousands and thousands of stars. I would search for constellations I’d learnt in the school or planetarium. One of my favourite hobby still is sky watching. I’d said to myself that “One day I will” be an astrophysicist.

While I was in college, the only channel I would watch was “Travel and Living”, now called TLC. I would watch shows where hosts travelled all around the globe. They explored culture. The thrill and adventure they telecasted got me to say “One day I will” travel the world. Travel has gotten into my DNA since then and now it has blended so well with my work and lifestyle. For me, travel hasn’t remained an outwardly pleasure, but has transformed me deep within.

I don’t like to call myself a foodie, rather I’d say I have an elite taste for food. Cooking is more a divinity than ritual at my home. Two wonderful ladies, my mom and my aunt, get the food dancing to our taste. Every meal is like a feast and it gets me to say “One day I will” learn to cook the way they do.

“One day I will” has always helped me imagine and dream. It drives an energy in me. It picks up opportunities that can fulfil my dreams. It gets me to focus on finding the answer we all seek for “the purpose”.

Share your, one day I will…


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