caramel coffee @ the Cafe – episode 10

When you are on a roller coaster ride all you need is some piece of peace. Uncertain life, uncertain relations, uncertain next moments and yet we build short term, midterm and long term roadmaps. We make a movie of our dreams projecting on the blank wall of today. A cloudy weekend. It’s a passing grey burst of water precipitated, I wonder whether in the sky or my mind. When I speak so much philosophy I know I must exit home and take that much required break.

I stepped out for a walk at Cubbon Park, Bangalore. The beautiful chirpy birds erased all the noises that kept echoing in my head. The smell of the woods and the drops of rain, romanced a duet. Just when I could look beyond the trees I found the rainbow staring right through my eyes and asking “Who do you think is responsible for my existence, the sun or the rain?” Both, indeed. Sometimes entangles of life, career and family can take a toll, doubting the very existence of us. That is when I would start people watching.

To be very honest, people watching is extremely difficult for me. I mostly think it’s this way because when I’m being watched I feel extremely uncomfortable. However lots of stories are waiting for you to uncover when you watch people. I watched the family sitting by the next table as I continued to wait for my caramel coffee at the café. There was an old aunt who kept a smile on her face as if she’d glued her cheeks. An old man who was sitting beside her almost pleaded for a tea before his family granted his wish. Two ladies got engrossed in ordering for the rest. One had draped a saree and sported a big bindi on her forehead. A hyper kid wanted to go out into the open space. His mom accompanied him. Two others kept swiping their phones and once a while kept showing each other their phone, mostly sharing memories and photographs of past. A boy sitting next to them almost did a PhD on the menu card. There was another guy sitting in a corner looking lost in his thoughts, mostly wondering why he was here with the rest. By this time I’d enjoyed sipping my coffee. I saw a couple standing outside the café watching me and I realized they were waiting for me to leave the café so that they could check-in.


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