walk up the hill – episode 8

Some 20 odd years ago we’d moved into our new house built in a layout that was developing. There were few houses around and I made new friends. All of us would play many games on the roads. I used to be a kid who’s glued to her mum. I’d go out to play with friends but get home every 15 minutes to see her. I’d run out to school gate in the last hour to see if she’s come to pick me up. I’d never let her watch television. As I grew up I outgrew this behaviour and let my mum have some peace in life.

There was a small temple in a hill nearby. So a few friends and I went there one evening. As a kid there’s a sense of pride when you do things on your own and tell your parents your adventure stories. My parents would always let me try such nomad life. Walk up the hills, hold the roots of banyan and jump from one side to another, play in the waters, and bring home some street animals.These were a natural trail in my journey. It was new for me when an Uncle, dad of two girls who had joined us in the evening expedition came up the hill and started yelling at us. He was concerned. He felt it was a bad idea to walk around all by ourselves. He cursed the older ones for not being responsible kids. I was thoroughly confused, because the upbringing I had was different.

Many years later, I have travelled many countries, I have lived in other countries all by myself. I have taken bold steps that has unwound beautiful learnings. To come to think of it we learn how to embrace the world, how to face the world, how to get street smart, how to take care of yourself and others, how to adapt and evolve only when we are allowed to play the game. If we are not even let to try, we fail even without attempting.


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