walls & bridges – episode 6

Every day I walk to my canteen, I watch this quote embossed on the wall “We build too many walls and not enough bridges – Sir Isaac Newton”. Some rapid and random thoughts are painted in my brain instantly. I see those nicely varnished walls in my room which resembles water trickling down the rocks. I see the rugged iron pillars and chains hanging on the K R Puram Bridge that I cross twice every day. I think of the Great Wall of China standing grounded for centuries now. I have the memories of Sydney Harbour Bridge that I climbed a few years ago. I’ve cried hearingĀ stories from both sides of Berlin wall. I have smiled looking at the love locks on bridges in Paris. Walls and Bridges simply become our stories.

Bricks or wood built vertically to create a border between two sides of the space defines a wall. Bricks and metals structured to connect two points of land defines a bridge. Now both have a purpose. Yet they can mean either positive or negative based on a context that is glued to them.

I started to connect some emotions and behaviours of mine. When I have a fear, when I want to have time for myself, when I want to feel safe I look for walls. When I am ready to explore, when I feel lonely and want to meet new people / culture, when I am courageous I look forward to cross bridges.

Many of our relationships go sour and we build so many walls around us. Are they worth building bridge? or Is it okay to walk your life like a Halloween in a piece of rectangular pumpkin wall.


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