divorcing my Gadgets – episode 3

I’ve partnered with my gadgets for many years now, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, TV. We understand and support each other. These days we feel the need for some personal space so we decided to go for a temporary divorce, like, for a day every month. So my gadget gets to spend a day of silence, a sleep without interruptions and work on saving his energy. While, I get to spend a day with real people, nature and have my thinking time. Gadget divorce might sound crazy but it’s worth trying. You’d experience life in its very raw form.

I’m a people person. I like to be among people, see them, speak with them, hear their voice, touch and feel their emotions. In between this I want to tweak in a considerable time for myself. I can’t explain how this contradictory wish seed has germinated in my mind. This is a behavioural pattern I’ve known of myself since childhood. More the balance I make between ‘people’ and ‘self’ the happier I’d be.

It would be a ridiculous idea to wake up one morning and decide to divorce your gadgets. It would be #randomness.

Well, I’d let you try, maybe it could work for you. I’ve tried that and I’ll tell you why it didn’t work for me. People wanted to discuss with me virtually and they weren’t aware of my gadget divorce day, mom wants to watch TV while I’m having my dinner, my favorite game is released and I have the urge to play on my tablet etc. I’d rather keep people aware that I’m not in for the day, I’d prepare on a set of things to do for the day and choose my day in a month. I might sound like a person paranoid about plans, well the fact is if I want this to work, I’d put my heart and soul in it.

One of those gadget divorce day looked like this: I woke up at ease, met some random people, taught my maid a few English words, welcomed home a kitten, read about multi-crops and agriculture, read about creativity and city buzz to trigger creativity, heard new music, learnt a song, walked the beautiful campus of Bangalore University, saw a peacock walking by, drank tender coconut, watched the rain, watched kids discussing cricket, watched some play in the ground and some sitting under a tree a discussing life, practiced Yoga.

Gadget divorce on a fixed day has increased my happiness and has improved my ability to look into the nature with a fair bit of detail. I’m hoping this habit gets hooked to my system.


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