blue Frame – episode 2

A pair of glasses, an accessory that has integrated very well with my life for a decade and a half now. It all started when I struggled to write down from a blackboard, was unable to read the number while waiting for a bus, couldn’t read the quiz questions displayed on TV. I complained regularly that I couldn’t see clearly. I remember sitting in a dark room reading characters of different size displayed on the board while my doctor kept changing the testing lens to figure how bad my eyes had gone. It was a short sight with a minimum power and I was recommended to use these sparkling duo, “Spectacle”.

It became a necessary companion. I carry them wherever I go. I wear contact lens, yet, I like the idea of sporting frames. I started with a simple silver, moved on to a thick black one, tried a frame-less, switched to a dull maroon, had a vogue cheetah collection and now I’m showing off my blue frame.

Round, rectangle or wedge, glass or fiber, with or without anti-glare, want an insurance? Uff, they stuff us with so many questions. Buying frames in my experience is very simple, you’ll just know which one to pack when you pick and try a beauty.

I have a mouthful of stories with them. Some of my captures are: The fog formed on it when you want to sip your hot coffee. The episode of trying to find your lost spectacle and realizing you are wearing them and searching. The battle of your spectacle every time you slide your helmet. That moment when you would clean your glass spotless and just when you are about to praise yourself, your fingerprint is on them.
And here’s the best part, ‘They view every expression your eyes perform and they get to see the beautiful you’


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