an Insider & an Outsider – episode 1

When in my city I’m doing one of these: sitting and working on a laptop, watching television, munching some snack, taking a walk on my street or chatting up with friends. You know, it’s like mutual funds, all of this can happen, but its subjective to traffic risks. Bangalore ranks pretty much on the top when you are looking for “most mismanaged city wrt. traffic”, “Most air polluted city”, “City with bad roads”. I have varied emotions and reactions when a non-bangalorean comments about this situation. Sometimes, I would embrace silence and agree on the accuses made. I’d debate and explain how awesome it was just a decade ago. Sometimes, I would find myself raging red thinking about outsiders flowing into my city, causing us this discomfort and yet dare to rant a comment. Then I’d think about evolution and how people always have moved from one region to another in search of opportunities to progress.

Should I move to another city and be the outsider ranting comments?


One thought on “an Insider & an Outsider – episode 1

  1. šŸ™‚ I can tell you this much… I moved into ‘your’ city about 15years back… good or bad, If I chose to stay anywhere in this country it would be this city. Like the place. Love its spirit. Though I don’t speak their language still! :-/
    But hey this is your blog and this reply is just requesting you to re-visit this blog post and then maybe an update! You are in a different city now… what do you think?

    I dont want to bias your thoughts… but my observation about myself and people around. When it come to cities (Not states, not countries, not other things a person owns/has to live with!!!)…. People rant only when they have a sense of ownership/belonging to that place. I never complained about this city for the first 4-5years I was here… never bothered!… Now


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